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line route name grade color count
line   route name   grade   color   age  
T3 Don┬┤t miss the Riss 8-  yellow
T7 Slabby Pinches 6+  yellow
T1 Guter Vorsatz 6  yellow
G5 Freaky Friday 5-  yellow
L14 Hilft ja nix 7+  yellow
O4 Nagelfluhkette 69 5+  yellow
L1 easy, not peasy 5+  yellow
G1 be fast, not furious 5-  yellow
G8 Tango amarillo 5  yellow
T14 Big Yeti Frauen Finale 7+  yellow
L5 Head Explosion 6-  yellow
L9 Tarnkappenkugeln 7-  yellow
T6 Zukunft Pink 6+  magenta
L11 Core Care 6  magenta
L16 Rothodendron 6-  red